Calling all local writers! Are you in need of a little inspiration? 

Our next Writers Group meeting for First Drafts, hosted at the Ferndale Project, is scheduled for Thurs., August 8! SIGN UP BELOW! 

Bring along your journals, notebooks, or laptops (we'll have a sufficient power-supply for your chargers), and set up in their cafe space to start networking with fellow scribes. 

Exercises: Library staff will facilitate a series of writing exercises to get your creative juices flowing! We'll provide you with prompts for poems, micro-essays, or even something that could serve as the first page of your next short story, memoir, or novel! 

If we have any volunteers, then we'll hopefully have at least one live reading toward the end of the program. 

Questions? Email us at: 

This event will be hosted AT THE FERNDALE PROJECT: 567 Livernois



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