The Program Room is a 30'x50' space that was one of the centerpoints of the Library's 2010 remodel/addition.

Available amenities include up to 7 tables, chairs for up to 50 people, a sink, a projector, a podium, and Wi-Fi.

When the room is not in use for library programs or otherwise booked, it is available as a shared public workspace.

For the room's regular availability, please see the table at the bottom of this page.


Ferndale-based organizations may request to reserve the Program Room for meetings or events.

All public education/entertainment booking inquiries will be referred to FADL's Programming Committee.

FADL does not reserve the Program Room for private events (i.e. parties and weddings), events that charge admission or sell products/services, or for organizations/businesses headquartered outside Ferndale.

Please fill out this form to make a booking request.



Regular Availability

Monday 10:00-2-30 & 5:30-8:00
Tuesday 10:00-1
Wednesday 10:00-2:30
Thursday 12:00-2:30
Friday 10:00-5:30
Saturday 12:00-4:30
Sunday 12:00-4:30