Announcing our new ALBUM CLUB! It’s like a book club, but with MUSIC! 

Revolver or Rubber Soul3ft High & Rising or De La Soul is DeadLed Zeppelin II or Led Zeppelin III? Which albums from a certain artist's ouvre are their definitve works? Which ones are your FAVORITES? 

Join us at the WAB on Thurs., July 25, at 6:30 pm, to discuss, defend, and agree-to-disagree with other music fans about what makes your favorite album or song by a selected artist their definitive ‘best!’

Album club is a way to approach and discuss music in a way similar to our book clubs & film clubs. At each meeting, we will highlight one artist from our extensive music library who has released five or more albums and discuss/debate which album of theirs reigns supreme (and why!)

July's selected group/artist is: THE BEATLES!!  CLICK HERE TO RSVP 


But wait, there's more:
Before the meeting, we invite attendees to submit their favorite track(s) from their favorite album by each month’s selected artist. From there, we’ll compile create a playlist to listen to at the W.A.B. on the night of our event, listening to each of our pre-selected songs to hopefully arrive at a renewed appreciation of the artists we love while keeping our spirited debates respectful…

See you at the WAB!
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